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TetraCam dealership for Hanger 18

Hanger 18 and Attopilot bought the world the first Sea Shepherd drone that turned back the Japanese fleet last year.

Hangar 18 is now an authorized integrator and dealer for TetraCam’s imaging products.  Hangar 18 is integrating the TetraCam products into its current product line and will be announcing several new sUAS systems this year that are being designed for the imaging products.  One unique capability developed by Hangar 18 is the ability to shoot standard digital pictures and NIR pictures simultaneously, reducing the number of missions that have to be flow to procure required data.

The NIR data can be used to assist in crop assessments and aid in precision agriculture while the standard digital pictures can be used for digital mapping.  The new capabilities allow end users more flexibility in acquiring data, replacing the need to wait up to 16 day for satellite coverage.

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