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Singular Aircraft’s heavy lift UA.

Singular Aircraft is proud to announce it’s new concept of UAV.

This concept is an unmanned, amphibious, twin-engine aircraft able to land and take off from short unpaved airstrips & water.

Four main configurations allow agricultural, firefighting, surveillance and general cargo capability, by itself or in fleet configuration, either by day or night operation.

Based on proven engines running on regular automotive petrol and a tough reliable construction, this model main ability is to deliver at a fraction of the actual costs of ownership and operation 2,200Kg of payload into remote non accessible areas or loiter for more than 40Hrs on surveillance missions

Our operation costs from 180 USD/Hr. and unit price of 370,000.00 USD, makes our platform the most competitive in this market segment nowadays, by far !

Currently under final assembly, flight tests begin in September 2012, we have already opened pre-orders confirming production slots for the first units beginning delivery in 2013.

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