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Call of Duty: Black Ops II limited editions unveiled, $180 ‘Care Package’ includes aerial drone

Craze Base reports that an add on for the video game Call of Duty will include a very simple quadrocopter. Army recruiting officers around the world must be happy. Some hands on basic UA training that they did’nt have to pay for!

Activision never disappoints when it comes to limited edition Call of Duty release bundles, and for the upcoming Black Ops II, it actually may have outdone itself. Besting the RC-XD from its predecessor, $180 will let you snag the Care Package edition for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. This massive bundle is actually boxed as an in-gamed care package (aerial drop-off not included) that’s loaded with a remote controlled MQ-27 Dragonfire quadrocopter drone (!) — we really wish we’d picked up those Modern Warfare 2 night vision goggles now (not at all for full-fledged, after hours recon of our Aol office-mates…). Naturally, it also comes loaded with the requisite DLC goodies; namely, two extra maps (Nuketown Zombies and Nuketown 2025), exclusive weapon camo, a pair of Player Card backgrounds and copy of the soundtrack. Furthermore, PS3 owners will get a pair of dynamic themes, while those with 360s will receive an XBL Zombie avatar and Claw prop. Lastly, you’ll also receive a couple more tangible items in the way of an art book and a duo of “Challenge” coins.

Not looking to terrorize your local airspace? Shave off the $100 premium for the drone and case (not too shabby if the AR.Drone is too expensive for your budget) and you’ll be able to grab the Hardened edition packed with everything else.

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