Win a copy of First to Deploy, Unmanned Aircraft for SAR & Law Enforcement.

Author Gene Robison’s first book constitutes a milestone for the UAS community. We have our fist definitive how to manual on how to effectively employ this technology for information gathering. Gene imparts his eight plus years of empirical knowledge in the applications of this technology for finding missing persons and Law Enforcement investigations.

I don’t believe that the information is limited to only that scope. Other fields with potential application would be well served by the wealth of experience contained in this book

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Some of the early reviews of Gene Robinson’s, First To Deploy:

“Picked up a copy from the site and it is an outstanding read. This is well written and very in-depth. It is 100+ pages of information that can be used for the purpose described or easily translated to other uses of UA. What is of the most interest to me is the psychology of the search, the types of people that it requires for the various aspects of the task and the methodologies that were developed to produce definitive results. The technical side of the system design including field of view, resolution and the airframe selection is applicable to almost any RCAP job. The case examples really drive home the points Gene makes and clearly show the very steep learning curve progress they made. Very nicely done.”

“The link I was supposed to get to download the book didn’t appear in any form I would recognize but Gene fixed the issue as soon as I emailed him. After a skim I’m back on page 55 and moving right along. It’s a good juicy read. “

“Delicious! This is exactly the information I’ve been looking for. Information that comes from experience. Knowledge of procedures and methods, Appendices, lists…etc.. The case studies are the best part so far.” 

“I’ve digested the entire book and I’m deep into reading number two. This book feels like the primer I wanted. Thanks Gene. “

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