Tecnam offers aerial surveillance and survey platform

Tecnam is offering an aerial surveillance and survey platform – linked to the Tecnam P92 Eaglet – in collaboration with UAV Vision.

UAV Vision specialises in Gyro Stabilised Camera Systems and associated hardware and software.

Its gimbals can be used for applications such as geographical mapping and surveillance; fire monitoring; shark patrol; border security; tactical surveillance; law enforcement; environmental monitoring; power-line, pipe-line and other infrastructure inspection; coast watching; and stock monitoring.

UAV Vision also offers a ‘GEOLock’ function, which automatically moves the camera to keep a selected area in frame.

Tecnam has made modifications to accommodate the UAV Vision Gimbal on a P92 Eaglet – an all-metal single-engine aircraft with two seats and single strut-braced high wings.

Customers can request the mounts, which can either be fitted prior to delivery or retrospectively.