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Experts Claim Ceramic Engine is Future of Aviation

By Sergio Prostak Sci

Aerospace engineering experts Drs Omid Gohardani and Amir S. Gohardani have proposed a novel aerospace propulsion concept for future greener transportation.

Their study, published in the journal Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, identifies a number of useful scenarios for future ceramic engine application, including a synergistic combination of the ceramic engine with a hybrid configuration of an airship and a flying wing called GUAV.

“GUAV is a proposed conceptual Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) designed to meet the aeronautical demands of the future,” Dr O. Gohardani explained to “The letter G stands for ‘Generic’ exhibiting the multi-purpose role of the vehicle. The G also coincides with the last name of the inventors namely, Gohardani.”

GUAV’s principal advantage, Dr A.S. Gohardani added, is the multi-redundancy level it features. “In order to tackle power and propulsion failure – one of the most recurring challenges in UAV operation – GUAV makes use of multiple sets of propulsion systems. In case of emergencies related to power and propulsion and failure of a particular propulsion unit, another propulsion system kicks in and lands the aircraft safely. This feature is not readily available in a large portion of current UAVs in operation.”

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