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Unmanned Applications Institute, International

Unmanned Applications Institute, International is a not-for-profit organization committed to supporting and enabling the integration and development of the UAS industry in North Dakota and the region. We accomplish this goal through collaborative relationships within all disciplines in the region and nationally. Our team comprises highly experienced leaders in their field.  Their experience and access to vast areas of industry ensure dynamic synergies in solving problems.

The core competencies of UAI span supporting mythologies in industry, education and training.  We realize these goals through modeling and simulation, program management, strategic planning and innovative solutions. Through these core competencies, we provide our customers with best-in-class educational training, program-management support, operational research and support, within our areas of expertise.

Our Mission

UAI’s mission it facilitate the rapid movement of science from research to applications in the field for the benefit of our stakeholders, region and nation. We build teams of recognized experts to deliver effective, efficient, high-value solutions and services to our customers.

Our Vision

We strive to be America’s premier not-for-profit provider of independent, trusted technical and scientific expertise. We aspire to be a valued partner to our customers and to earn their trust through our unwavering commitment to achieve their goals in timely, innovative, cost-effective, and mission-focused solutions.

Our Core Competencies

Training and Industry Research

UAI is a leader in the development, presentation, and maintenance of DoD-approved training and education courses. Our team of expert instructors can rapidly tailor our extensive course materials to meet research and training needs at all classification levels.

Program Management

UAI’s core philosophy is to provide the best team of experienced Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), program managers, and individual team members to satisfy our customer’s needs. Our philosophy and practices ensure flexibility and immediate responsiveness in supporting the urgent and long-term needs of our customers.

Strategic Planning

Our team comprises of a vast array of expertise that is at the service of our customers.  This brings a multi-discipline expertise in a collaborative environment to help our customers ensure rapid success.  We have linkages to many other areas of industry and achedemia that can help develop the best strategies and risk mitigation plans at every level of program development.

Innovative Solutions

Our team’s vast expertise brings multi-discipline methodologies in a collaborative and mentoring environment to help our customers to develop effective alternatives to program management challenges.  We have relationships with leaders in many other areas of industry and achedemia that ensures the best strategies and risk mitigation plans are developed.

The Team

Douglas McDonald

Doug’s experience spans over 15 years of applied research, planning and development focusing on community and economic development, environmental impact assessment, socio-economics and demography. He is a sociologist and holds an undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of North Dakota. Doug’s business consulting experience includes assignments in aerospace, value-added agriculture, information technology, and manufacturing. He has worked extensively with Native American entrepreneurs and tribally-owned companies. He has co-authored many significant reports including “Aerospace: An Industry Sector Poised for Flight” for the Aerospace Power Group of the New Economy Initiative, “Advanced Manufacturing Opportunities in North Dakota’s Leading Edge High Tech Industry Sectors”, a study for the Economic Development Administration and North Dakota’s Economic Development and Finance and “An Information Technology Strategic Plan for North Dakota’s Rural Economic Area Partnerships.”

Tom “Tommy” K. Kenville

Tom, combined with his prior and current positions, has 20+ years of non-profit leadership experience in aviation and entrepreneurial companies. Tom also chairs the Valley Angels Investment Fund and has raised, through equity or philanthropy, millions of dollars in the last 12 years. Entrepreneur since year 2000, Tom is in real estate development working on hotel, warehouse, and rental properties. Tom has vast experience in high growth International aviation related business and is currently the VP of Development at the Center for Innovation. Tom has extensive contacts within industry between government, political, commercial, and financial entities.

Maynard Herting

Maynard has over 28 years of successful aviation operational management and leadership experience. He spent 20 plus years in the US Air Force, where he served as a Master Navigator in the KC-135 A/R and the C-141B. After retirement, he entered civil service and served as a program manager in the Wing Planning (XP) Office at Grand Forks, AFB ND for three years. Prior to joining UAI as its Executive Director, Maynard served as the Field Operations Program Manager for UAS operations for the State of North Dakota with General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. where he supported the US Customs and Border Protection Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Operations Center at Grand Forks AFB, ND.

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