IAI Establishes UAS Academy

IAI Panther

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has established a training and certification facility preparing UAS operators and technicians to support Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The UAS Academy leverages the extensive experience gained by IAI experts through more than 40 years of UAS design, development, operations and training of UAS operators and technicians.

In addition to providing a variety of training services to IAI customers within IAI premises and in other planned locations, the UAS academy redefines the training concept. It provides solutions to the growing need for trained and skilled UAS operation, maintenance and mission crews in various military, paramilitary and civilian facilities.

IAI’s UAS academy addresses all UAS personnel – Internal Pilots, External Pilots, payload operators of all types, technicians, mission-commanders and instructors. The curriculum includes the wide spectrum of courses required for training and qualification of UAS operators and technicians: Practical flight training, simulations with Semi-Simulators and high fidelity UAS Mission Trainer (UMT) as well as theoretical training. In addition to reducing costs of operating UAS, training with the academy facilitates the availability of aerial platforms and airspace.

“IAI’s Academy sets the new standard of training in the UAS field” Tommy Silberring, general manager of IAI’s Malat division “In today’s world where the need for UAS has become essential for every county, training by IAI’s team of experts will enhance the safety and operational capabilities of UAS operation and mission crews around the world and will become a key element of their success”.

According to Silberring, the academy’s training is applicable to a wide range of customers with different experience, knowledge and background – from customers who are establishing basic UAS abilities – to well-experienced customers interested in optimizing their training abilities as well as those who intend to shift to the qualification and endorsement model, customary in flight schools worldwide.

The academy places special emphasis on the operational mission training experience and offers a generic and “cross platform” training services in new facilities. Basic and advanced courses are provided as well as recurrent training courses and workshops, special payloads operation courses, seminars for mission commanders and instructors, and qualification maintenance programs.

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