Friday, December 3, 2021

Dhaksha UAV Forge entry tested successfully by team MIT India

MIT, Anna University, Department of Aerospace Engineering’s Division of Avionics successfully tested the DHAKSHA- mini unmanned aircraft system (UAS), will provide the public safety and rescue operations with real-time video and stable, high-resolution imagery said Dr.K.Senthil Kumar,Project Director,Mini UAV’s. He also informed that the short-range tactical rotorcraft system can be made available immediately when first responders need it. DHAKSHA’s compact size fits in the small case or a car and is easy to launch and recover in almost any harsh environment. DHAKSHA is highly tolerant of sustained winds and wind gusts, thereby achieving stable aerial imagery through an advanced onboard control system.

“ DHAKSHA will help first responders locate and identify natural and human public safety threats, keeping people out of harm’s way,” said Dr.S.Thamarai Selvi, Dean MIT. It speeds and maneuvers at the touch of a button. Operator training and workload is minimized through a streamlined design and user interface. Video imagery is transmitted to the handheld ground control station and distributed to decision makers for real-time viewing. “It fits seamlessly into public safety operations,” appreciated by Prof. Dr. P. Mannar Jawahar, Vice Chancellor, Anna University, India. MIT can provide extensive and experienced support to users because we’ve been involved in ISR Research for more than a decade.” said Dr.B.T.N Sridhar, Head, Department of Aerospace Engineering

One person can carry and operate a complete system reliably and safely in adverse weather conditions, providing instant imagery anytime an aerial vantage point is needed. The rotorcraft weighs less than 4 kg, hovers quietly overhead for more than 40 minutes and can patrol at speeds up to 60 kmph. The operator uses a small portable control unit to command it to hover or fly in any direction at varying speeds.

Anna University partially funded the demonstration that took place recently and representatives from the ADE, DRDO, NAL and Professors also participated. This platform has been developed by the Research students team led by Mr.A.Mohammed Rasheed and Mr.A.Kaviyarasu.

The team has also been shortlisted for Australian Outback Rescue Challenge and they have posted their capabilities to DARPA’s UAVFORGE as well.

Tiaan Roux
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