Chicago Tribune wants a web developer that can fly a multicopter

Helicopters, HTML & democracy: be a HACKER-JOURNALIST

Making software in the newsroom is the best job I’ve ever had.

It’s great work, and it’s for a purpose. We’re not here to “save journalism” (whatever that means) — we’re here to save democracy.


  • A passion for the news
  • Serious programming skills
  • An understanding of the inner workings of the web
  • Attention to detail and love for making things
  • A genuine and friendly disposition

On any given day you might implement a responsive web design w/ HTML5 + CSS3, explore a dataset with a reporter looking over your shoulder, or help invent new ways to report the news.

Bonus points for…

  • Experience flying quad-rotor helicopters or mapping balloons
  • Information / graphic design
  • User experience / usability / empathy

Let me persuade you

The newsroom is a crucible. We work on tight schedules with hard deadlines. While this may seem stressful, it’s got a serious upside. Every couple of weeks we can learn from our mistakes and refine our technologies. It’s a fast-moving, volatile development environment that will make you a better programmer.

Also, it’s damned good fun.

Find examples of our work at Maps & Apps. To get a feel for the full news apps experience, check our team blog.


You will speak truth to power.

Your work will result in new laws and better government.

You’ll love your job.

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