Twenty million pound tender for pocket size drones.

The MoD has awarded the (Ł20m for 100 units) NUAS contract to Prox Dynamics (Norway) in collaboration with Marlborough Communications (UK)

Prox Dynamics was founded by Petter Muren in December 2007, and builds on many years of experience inmicro helicopter technologies. Petter was the first to design a passively stable helicopter rotor system that later formed the basis for radio controlled toy helicopters. He worked several years as a consultant for a major Nano Air Vehicle project before he put his ideas into his own company.

Developments in micro electronics, especially in mobile phone and battery technologies, have made it feasible to develop advanced flying platforms that weigh just a few grams. Teaming up specialists in video and signal processing, hardware design and operational know how created the necessary foundation for the company. During 2009 the company more than doubled in size creating the largest UAS Company in Norway.

The PD-100 Black Hornet is the first airborne Personal Reconnaissance System to be developed. It will provide soldiers with their own immediate Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capability for operations in confined areas and outdoors.

• Visual Reconnaissance in Urban Operations
• Reconnaissance Inside Structures
• Look Behind, Between and Below Obstacles
• Birds Eye View of Areas of Interest
• Object Identification
• Target and Damage Assessment
• Deployment of Special Payload

• Transportable – Complete System Fits Inside a Pocket
• Ready to Fly – Airborne within One Minute
• Fly it Anywhere – In Confined Areas and Outdoors
• Stealth – Small and Inaudible
• Easy to Operate – Requires Little Training and No Pilot Experience
• Safe – Represents No Risks to Other Aircraft or Personell
• Affordable – Reusable or Expendable Depending on Chosen CONOPS