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ZALA AERO upgrades UAS to HD video payloads

ZALA 421-16E

ZALA AERO GROUP has announced today that it plans to launch an upgraded ZALA 421-E16 UAS. This new upgrade includes the platform having the latest digital HD transmitter, 2W or 4W amplifier and a new antenna that will be installed in the wing. Later in 2012 fixed wing UAS ZALA 421-04M and VTOL UAS ZALA 421-23 will also receive similar upgrades.

On the payload side ZALA AERO is also developing a new payload to its ZALA G-3 range to go along with the upgrade for ZALA 421-E16 (that can also be used on ZALA 421-16). The current ZALA 421-G3 HD payload is already being used onboard the UAS and the new payload that is being developed ZALA 421-G3 HD/IR will combine the IR version and HD version of the previous payloads to provide the HD quality video and IR 640×480 resolution in one.

ZALA 421-G3 HD/IR Description 


An ultra-compact color PAL block camera sta­bilized platform, which is able to carry out the survey with resolution of HD quality. It has 10x optical zoom in combination with optional 4x digital. Fitted with thermal imaging camera TAU 640. It pro­vides NTSC video stream at 30 frames per second with resolution 640×480. Built-in denoising system, high sensitivity (<50 mK at f/0.1), flexible operating environment from -30/+50°C, low energy demand, portability and light weight present significant advantage while carrying out night survey, monitoring during bad weather and diverse season. ZALA platform is unique as it has built-in system of stabilization and independent inertial system that make the quality of im­ages higher thanks to cutting of mechanical restriction and digital noise. Overall dimensions 165x127x127mm, wieght 890g, tangage +/- 85, roll ±125°, operating temperature -30°C…+50°, video output HD/PAL, Resolution 1080i/640×480, spectral range of IR 7,5…13,5 µm. Perfect auto-focusing, light weight and compact dimensions combined with flex­ible automatic stabilized platform allow operator to monitor with wide angle range that lead to hi-res images.

Characteristics of ZALA 421-16E 

Range 45 km
Flight duration 3-4 hours
Flight distance 210 km
Wingspan 2,8 m
Altitude 3500 m above sea level
Launch/Landing Catapult/parachute
Engine Electric
Speed range 60-110 km/h
Weight 10 kg
Payload 1,5 kg
Navigation GPS/Glonass
Video /Photo/IR PAL-HD/12Mpix/640*480




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