Mundus Group Inc, Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary of “Green Aerospace” US Navy Co-Developed Electric UAV Technology

Commencing in 2001 and completed in 2004, Mundus Group’s (pinksheets:MNDP) designated division Air Drone is currently a continuation of the 1st UAV VTOL prototype that was co-developed with strategic partner Roadable Aircraft Inc. and the US Navy under a 3 year Co-operative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA). The all electric ducted fan was an 81-inch ducted fan UAV VTOL that was built and flight tested to develop the flight controls and remote controllability of RAI’s 2 passenger VTOL cruiser for which RAI was awarded a US Patent.

In areas where pedestrian traffic is jammed and ambulances are trapped, where buildings, infrastructure, trees and bridges prevent helicopters from response and evacuation, Mundus Group’s patented ducted fan technology, with its completely enclosed counter rotating propellers, could replace helicopters with their dangerous exposed propellers and prohibitive restrictions.

“When we first developed our ducted fan technology prior to our CRADA contract to research, develop and finally patent with the US Navy in 2000, we were working with jet turbine driveshaft technology. UAVs and drones were not yet on the horizon at the pre 911 stage of development. Building the first all electric ducted fan was a cost effective decision that led us to consider a smaller prototype to develop the control system. Using electric motors was a second choice we made to keep secrecy and our ability to do flight tests inside a Navy Test facility. We did not realize that we were planting the seeds of a Green UAV Aerospace industry with zero emissions,” Chairman Keith Field

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