Swedish Shadow 200 crashes in Afghanistan

Translation from the Swedish Armed Forces web site thanks to UAV Grabben for sending the link

An unmanned reconnaissance craft-type eagle had engine failure and forced an emergency landing near the town of Balkh at six o’clock, local time, on Sunday morning. At the emergency landing craft were damaged.

The unmanned reconnaissance craft would support the soldiers of one of the Swedish company that was shooting on the road in the area when the pilot at the ground station received a trouble beeps that indicate the engine failure.

The pilot, who controls the plane from a ground station, however, managed to glide the broken craft a few miles to a field that there were no people around. The pilot performed a controlled emergency landing and the craft took to the ground. At the emergency landing craft was probably considerable damage.

The Eagle system has been operational in Afghanistan since early August and gives thanks to its reconnaissance capabilities, the Swedish Afghanistan strength better decisions both before and during surgery.This increases the system also the Swedish soldiers’ safety.

– The system, which we in Sweden call eagle, has hundreds of thousands of flying hours behind them in the various countries’ armed forces and are usually very reliable. What happened this morning when the engine of the emergency landing craft stopped working is impossible to comment on at this time, we will have to await the outcome of the technical investigation, said Richard Jackson, director of the Swedish Afghanistan strength.

The craft is already transported to the Swedish camp in Mazar-e-Sharif, where the majority of the Swedish workforce is located. No civilian or military injuries were reported.

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