Enlarged UAS test area for C-ASTRAL

Excellent news for Slovenian UAS manufacturer C-ASTRAL recently a larger test flying area was granted by the Slovenian Civil Aviation Authority. It must cause a degree of envy for small companies trying to break into the UAS market in America and facing the prospect of paying for expensive FAA sanctioned test ranges.

We proudly announce that Civil Aviation Agency of Slovenia has extended the authorization for flying Bramor UAV in our test area

in Slovenia. The flights will be conducted at the site of “Vetrno polje” near city of Vipava (45°49’46.77”N; 13°57’10.58”E) in the period between 13.05.2011 and 13.5.2012 under the VFR rules. Flying is permitted within radius of 1,5Nm and maximum altitude 700m AGL forming total flying area 10,7km2. C-Astral is required to send the announcement of each flight 24 hours prior to the beginning in international NOTAM office.