A call to arms from the Academy of Model Aeronautics

Ahead of the NPRM the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)  is asking its members to let their voices be heard and at the time of writing 42500 letters have been sent to congressmen.

Tell Congress to Protect Model Aviation

The FAA is developing new regulations that may place onerous and unnecessary restrictions on the hobby, sport and educational pursuit of model aviation.

It is extremely important that all aeromodeling enthusiasts stand up and tell Congress to protect model aviation from pending federal regulation by the FAA.

This form provides a sample letter that will be emailed to your district Representative and state Senators. Congress requires that all electronic forms of communication include your name, address and email to verify you as a constituent. Your information will remain private and confidential.


Patrick Comments:-

I think it is an excellent grassroots move that their membership most definitely employ. This is what a representative system of government is all about, giving the individual, RC hobbyists in this case, the opportunity to explain what the hobby means to them, their families and their friends. The ball is firmly in the individual RC flyers hands to go beyond what any advocacy group could do, and that is to put a single constituents opposing voice to unwarranted Federal regulation. Do not let cynicism or apathy dissuade you, this approach works. Fielding calls from the hill is not considered a favorite pastime over at the FAA. I applaud the AMA for this effort and would recommend that the community do what it can to get out the word and encourage participation.

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4 thoughts on “A call to arms from the Academy of Model Aeronautics

  1. This is great news. I was number 277 for Georgia :)
    On the other end of this still sits commercial ops. Are we the sacrificial lambs in this game? Basically, whats the latest and greatest news for commercial ops, such as the standard model-with-a-camera for hire guy?

  2. No some sort of COA process will come into play I’m sure. We believe no stabilization other than IR will be allowed for non COA players and certainly no navigation.

    As soon as you add a camera to a model it ceases to be a model and is a sUAS.

    If somebody can make some money out of you for paperwork no doubt they will try!

    Its interesting watching this play out. But we feel the pain of the operators wanting to start. Probably best to go help out your local Police force first and their integration of gear.

  3. “As soon as you add a camera to a model it ceases to be a model and is a sUAS”
    Not true, in the USA model aircraft are legally defined as sUAS/UAS whether they have a camera or not.
    Note that the AMA is not trying to protect anyone except AMA members. Their Inhofe sponsered amendment to S.223 sinply says that only AMA members are exempt from regulation.
    Basically join the AMA or else.

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