Just one team makes it through scrutineers at Outback Challenge 2010.

Congratulations go to Team Robota, the only team to pass scrutineering both ground and air first time at the Outback Challenge yesterday. They will attempt their Search and Rescue run at 0800 tommorrow.

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The field very quickly depleted to five airframes during the morning.

Muroc, Latitude 38S,North Dakota are all to fly again before and after Robotas run. They have been asked to pitch up at 0600 and then the flying order will be drawn from a hat.

Team Skylight UAS from Brazil has passed the ground scrutineering but has not yet flown.

From what I hear there were small problems all around for teams which is a great shame. It underlines just how difficult this task is. Several teams are in the bar as I write this so I look forward to more intel flowing out as the evening progresses.

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