Shiffer: Look, up in the sky: It’s super-drone


by: JAMES ELI SHIFFER , Star Tribune This month, a bright yellow remote-controlled aircraft with a 13-foot wingspan will take to the skies over the Le Sueur County farmlands. Its mission: Taking high resolution photographs that will help the county map drainage…

Phoenix Aerial Introduces Low Cost UAV LiDAR System


Phoenix Aerial Systems, a leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial LiDAR products, announced today two new revolutionary LiDAR products, the Scout and the Ranger. The Scout is a lightweight, accurate and low cost solution for companies looking to enter the mapping…

Xerospace Lite Mapping Aircraft

LM1 Ad

Xerospace Ltd is pleased to announce that we have extended the sale of our composite Lite Mapping aircraft into the Australian market with complete local servicing & support. This move will establish a firm presence in the Australian market and…