Gary Mortimer

Look it’s Friday, quite insane hover bike

Colin Furze Hover Bike

What could possibly go wrong! Great down the pub discussion topic for a Friday night drone building fans.I can see lots of folks copying this and coming a cropper. Colin Furze is a much braver man than me. Why does it remind me of this

Heathrow plane strike not a drone


From the not really coming as a surprise dept. Such a pity the original report came almost perfectly timed to coincided with an FAA UAS meeting and debates in congress. The idea that is was in fact a plastic bag was widely reported last week has spawned many memes on the Book of Face. British…

Blue Whale Fire Fighter


Not too sure what to make of this one, a sort of natural extension of crop dusting drones. The payload vision has shot up, 100kg or rather 100 (ish) litres of fire retardant. On the face of it not a bad idea, quickly getting to the heart of a difficult to reach fire. The drones…

New Zealand bush fire case begins


The trial of Simon Roy Reeve, 38, has started in the Christchurch District Court. He faces three charges – causing unnecessary endangerment and two charges of flying the drone in controlled airspace without permission. Flights took place in Pines Beach on two different occasions. The footage made it onto local TV. Civil Aviation Authority prosecutor…

DroneDeploy Releases Improved Export Tools & New Map Viewer Page


Drone Deploy today released a fully redesigned map viewer page — The new page is optimized for mobile web (coming soon to the app!) and is the first step in the launch of a completely new user interface, with the goal of making the DroneDeploy experience seamless across any device. In the near future, they…

Job Opening: UAS Faculty Member


Unmannedpower is currently interviewing for a UAS Faculty Position at Kansas State University (an equal opportunity employer).  As one of the first – and still one of the few – universities in the country to offer a bachelor’s degree in UAS, this forward-looking program provides its students with research opportunities, cutting edge technology and equipment,…

Project Wing have we found out who makes drones for Google?


New website and a couple of interesting things from folks that see the following Potential in the air Breathe in the car exhaust. Hear the truck engine idling. Feel the weight of city congestion. Now look up. See all that open sky? What if we could use the air to move anything from where it…

DJI Matrice 600


Its the spreading wings upgrade, receiving lots of social media attention today. DJI have done an excellent job of stealing the thunder from other NAB vendors. The bit of chatter that has caught my attention is the expense of filling it with multiple batteries. In the order of $900 a flight. Of course they are…

RPA suspected of hitting British Airways A320 landing at Heathrow

BA727 drone strike

Its been a lovely Sunday in the UK, I wonder if anybody was out FPV flying in London. At lunchtime a British Airways flight was struck by what is alleged to have been a drone as the aircraft positioned to land at Heathrow Airport. The Met police released the following statement:- Detectives are investigating after an…

FPV racing at Farnborough 2016


Already the worlds largest drone event with live flying demonstrations happening during the show, in front of crowds of 75,000 people. Stands with manufacturers from around the world and all the grown up flying to boot. They now introduce drone racing! Farnborough is the one to watch and very much inline with the UK’s progressive…