Gary Mortimer

UK Do’d and Don’ts


When it comes to the laws and rules when flying a drone in the UK, there are some specific things that you must keep in mind. Recently there has been a massive boom in not only the number of drones but the number of people applying for and attaining ​permits to fly their drone. There…

Looncopter wins US $1 million in Dubai


Well done the team from Oakland, some not so small change for the win. Loon Copter is a novel multi-rotor platform capable of traditional aerial flight, on-water surface operation, and sub aquatic diving. The Loon Copter is a proof-of concept  vehicle that demonstrated  successful  operation in early 2015.  The 3rd prototype of our Loon Copter is now one…

Super Skywalker 2+ hours endurance


Spanish company Airelectronics have done the obvious. Extended the wings of one of the most popular foam flyers out there the Skywalker. They claim the 40% increase in wingspan brings the useful flight time out to 2.5 hours. With modern graphene based batteries and a slightly more streamlined payload they might reach out to 3…

Drone hits Empire State building.


Time to install a primate anti drone system According to the NYPD, a small drone crashed into the 40th floor and then dropped onto a landing on the 35th floor. Police charged suspect Sean Riddle with reckless endangerment. They said he was trying to take pictures and lost control of the aircraft. Sean mentions the incident on…

Sky-Futures selected for Mayor of London’s ‘Go to Grow’ programme


Congratulations Sky-Futures, another feather in the cap. They have been selected for the Mayor of London’s new ‘Go to Grow’ programme open to fast-growing companies in London operating in technology, life sciences, and urban The Mayor’s International Business Programme is tailored to fit your specific international growth ambitions. A new exclusive programme, it provides a…

Drone Deploy unveils instant volumetrics.

dronedeploy volumetric

You can now measure volume accurately and instantly within a map on any device. This tool leverages the new Elevation Toolbox, which enables more granular visualizations and analysis of elevation data. Whether you need to calculate the volumes of stockpiles, the extraction volume of a quarry or the volume of a buildingDrone Deploy claim that the…

Don’t take your drone to the Super Bowl.


Production values are getting better for FAA videos. Is this effective training and use of resources?  There is almost bound to be somebody flying near by. Now at least they can say we told you so in court.

Graphene batteries charge forward with HobbyKing


Longer life, cooler running and faster charge times. Whats not to like. I will follow these with interest as they end up in users hands. Once we start hearing real world reports we shall know if its all true! TURNIGY, the name synonymous with performance, reliability and innovation is excited to release a powerful new…

New GoPro teaser video Bobby Brown and the Karma Drone


I’m going to have to admit being able to release a moving drone and it pulls away and gets the shot. That’s impressive. Also the image stabilization is astounding if that’s it out the box. We have still not seen the platform itself and this video is 2D not 3 as many people have been…

SmartPlanes drones supporting WWF in their efforts to stop poaching


WWF in Tanzania has started using small UAVs in the fight against the poaching of elephants and rhinos. Contributions from WWF Sweden has made it possible to train rangers in Selous to fly nature conservation drones in their fight to combat the poaching of elephants. Selous has been hard hit by poachers bringing the number of…