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GAUI GX9 helicopter test flight.


GAUI is very proud to present the GAUI GX9 using F-50 50cc Four Stroke gas engine as the power plant.

GX9 Helicopter is from Gaui’s UAV Division. GAUI has been working on UAV for quite a few years and this is how G-Power was born. Extreme fly time and high tolerance is what G-Power is all about.

GX9 a 900 size helicopter using custom 900mm Halo Blades, F-50 50cc gas engine. With custom auto start from your radio so no need for manual starter. GPS altitude hold with laser technology.

In this video a 7kg (15.40 lbs) payload 73 minutes fly time only used 1200cc. An additional 1000cc tank can be mounted to easily achieve over 2 hours fly time

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