Tiaan Roux

CIO | sUAS News

Tiaan has been a qualified South African fixed wing commercial pilot since 2005 (with some autogyro flying in the mix as well). Since then he has flown 3000+ hours in a variety of disciplines, from low level survey flying and security operations to bush flying and island hopping. He has also successfully completed the Airline Transport Pilot License exams as well as an ICAO Safety Management Systems course and is a former Aviation Safety & Quality Assurance Manager. He operated various aircraft including the Beechcraft B1900D and Cessna C208B Caravan in South Africa, East Africa, West Africa, North Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan.

My interest in UAS began in 2006 in the Masai Mara, Kenya where I met Gary. I have always loved computers, maps, aerial photos and any kind of flying thing so the UAS addiction quickly took hold. Since then my interest in these technologies has grown from just an interest to building and flying small UAS as well as getting involved with sUAS News.”