UAV Factory

UAVFACTORY LTD. specializes in unmanned composite airframe development and manufacturing. Our mission is – to bring to the marketplace the most comprehensive composite airframe.

Our airframes are the ideal tool for various UAS applications and can be integrated in to your existing UAV system, used for product testing, development, concept validation and research.

By using UAVFACTORY’s airframes you can enhance your unmanned product performance and directly increase the value of your product. Our latest development – Penguin B can be utilized, as a direct replacement for your existing UAV airframe, will give you an edge over competitors and open new market opportunities.

With manufacturing facilities located in Latvia, Europe, UAVFACTORY is able to perform every single aspect of airframe design and manufacturing. From aerodynamics and performance calculations to CAD design to composite airframe manufacturing.

UAVFACTORY LTD provides the following services:
• Ready to fly high performance composite airframes
• Custom composite airframe manufacturing and design