Ascending Technologies

Falcon 8 from Ascending Technologies

German multicopter manufacturer Ascending Technologies are perhaps known best in the research community. Their platforms are often seen in motion capture rigs. In 2010 one of there quadrocopters flew for twelve continuous hours using a laser power system.

The AscTec Falcon 8 is the flying camera platform to use for geographical research, remote sensing or archaeology applications!

Stability with redundancy

The AscTec Falcon 8 displays high levels of flight stability in wind speeds up to 10 m/s. In an unlikely event that one of the rotor/motor combinations fail in flight, it is still able to continue flying with maximum payload against strong winds. Every rotor/motor is redundant in our system.

Easy & safe operation with GPS
The AscTec Falcon 8 is straightforward to operate with GPS. You can direct your UAV to your desired position by moving the control sticks. What’s more, by using our waypoint planning software you can plan your whole mission offline/online. Precise flight patterns are possible with just a few “clicks”.

GPS raw data

The UAV can be equipped with a GPS module with raw GPS data output, e.g. Doppler value. This information can be used to generate precise GPS position information.