Air Robotics

Air Robotics is an aerospace company that designs and manufactures blended wing body Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) for use in remote sensing, ISR,  CBRN, Cyber/EW, SIGINT, mapping and airborne scientific applications.

It offers a patented Payload Agnostic™ sUAS platform and patent pending  Modular Payload Lifting System™ (MPLS) pod.  Customers using the Air Robotics Airborne Vehicle System™ (AVS) can swap payloads in just minutes, in the field, allowing them to perform multiple missions using a single airframe.  This saves customers time and money by maximizing their time in the air and reducing their airborne platform inventory. The AVS does not require a runway and it offers the highest lift, greatest endurance and most rugged airframe for any unmanned system in its size class.