Aeryon Labs Inc

Aeryon Scout

Aeryon Labs Inc. was founded in 2007 to design and manufacture small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems for aerial sensing applications. Our team brings both commercial and technical backgrounds to this venture.  Our previous experience includes digital video compression, networking, and radar systems at companies including Raytheon, L3-Wescam and Cisco Systems. The founding team worked together at other Waterloo high-tech companies including Research in Motion, VideoLocus and PixStream.

The Aeryon Team has developed the Aeryon Scout, an easy-to-use, battery powered, unmanned aerial intelligence gathering system. A professional tool capable of point-and-click autonomous map-based navigation through a touch-screen user interface, the Scout requires minimal user training and allows a single user to operate both the aerial vehicle and camera payload system. The Scout is targeted at the backpack of every soldier and the trunk of every police car.

Featuring a simple touch-screen interface, anyone can operate the system with just minutes of training. In as little as 3 minutes the Aeryon Scout can go from packed to gathering information from the sky. The Scout has been designed to operate in a wide range of operating conditions, ensuring its available when you need it most.

Aeryon Labs is based in Waterloo, Ontario part of Canada’s Technology Triangle.