First to Deploy

We are pleased to announce the sUAS News exclusive release of the book “First To Deploy—Unmanned Aircraft for SAR & Law

Enforcement” by Gene Robinson.

A guide to the emerging technology of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), their capabilities, the sensors they can carry, and the data they can collect. This book is a chronicle of the development of a remotely piloted system and the migration to fully autonomous aircraft for Search & Rescue/Recovery operations in the United States. Unmanned aerial systems are reviewed from a standpoint of actual field use, not theory. Several missions are detailed by the author and demonstrate what has truly worked and the results that can be expected from a small unmanned platform.


“……. Well written and flows smoothly, very informative…”

“….. The missions read like their own short stories, riveting page turners…..”

“…. . A must read for those agencies considering adding UA to their stable of equipment”

All this for just $19.95

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