Swiss Alps to be laser scanned by drones; Swiss-Austrian consortium partners for flight tests

A Swiss-Austrian consortium will test large-area laser scanning applications in the Swiss Alps, using innovative drones. The partners are Dufour Aerospace, RIEGL, BSF Swissphoto and the SLF, who will collaborate for a series of test flights over several months. There is growing interest among various private and public stakeholders in high-resolution, up-to-date and cost-effective data, […]

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JOUAV Unveils Revolutionary Airborne LiDAR Sensor JoLiDAR-1000

JOUAV has launched the advanced JoLiDAR-1000 sensor for drones, enhancing their range of efficient LiDAR sensors for UAV applications like surveying and power line inspections. The sensor features a 1000m laser scanner, superior measurement accuracy, a compact design, and integrates multiple high-tech systems, streamlining operations and supporting various applications without the need for base stations or ground control points. Visit for more details.

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Invest in ATMOS

After having reached multiple milestones and setting up a worldwide partner network, Atmos is ready to soar to new heights. Now, as we set our sights on even greater horizons, we’re providing you with the unique opportunity to join us on this exciting adventure. Whether you are an investor, customer, friend, or simply someone passionate about […]

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Tested and true, Wingtra LIDAR is the leading solution in its class

Since commercial drone LIDAR burst onto the scene, there’s been a place for different levels of performance. Some LIDAR projects will always require the most advanced sensors, while entry-level drone LIDAR is good enough for greenfields and moderate canopy. However this “good enough” gap left room for improvement that Wingtra quietly observed. The result? They’ve […]

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The Babka can be deployed for non-stop flight missions of up to 180 minutes. With its VTOL configuration and simple setup, the BABKA can be launched from confined spaces by a single operator with ease and confidence. No runway is needed. The Babka provides BVLOS strategic situational awareness either day or night, with the ability to […]

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Autonomous Drones – Next Evolution of Military Logistics

US forces have utilized drones for over two decades, initially for surveillance, evolving to critical combat roles and logistics support. Autonomous drones like Traverse Aero’s Orca facilitate logistics by seamlessly integrating with existing frameworks, utilizing standardized pallets for cargo, and providing versatile capabilities such as transportation, intelligence, and support in forward operations. Focused on efficiency, Orcas reduce risks during missions and are part of a broader push to enhance military logistics through advanced technologies.

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Wingtra partners with Colorado State University Drone Center to support the work of researchers

While professionals across sectors from construction to agriculture are already using drones to improve project outcomes and reduce overhead, researchers work in the background to test and prove the difference drones make, quantitatively. Indeed, research is absolutely vital to promoting the application of drone data across a wide range of sectors. So Wingtra is thrilled […]

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What I Learned from Flying the Transwing UAS from the Deck of the USNS Burlington

POV by Tim Whitehand VP of Engineering at PteroDynamics. Tim is an aeronautical engineer, project manager, and fixed-wing and rotary aviator with over 15 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and test of innovative aircraft from prototype to certified aircraft systems for commercial and military applications. Over six days last October, PteroDynamics conducted nine successful […]

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Pivotal – eVTOL Flight Instructor

Pivotal is the leader in the emerging market of electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft. We design, develop, and manufacture light eVTOL aircraft and are renowned for the BlackFly, the first light eVTOL to fly manned missions and enter the consumer market. Efficient, compact, and simple, Pivotal vehicles are designed for a wide range […]

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