Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Tom Pils

Australian lawyer specialising in drone law & the regulations surrounding this awesome & rapidly growing area of human ingenuity. Also a litigation expert representing a range of clients from foreign government formed entities to SME's. Tom's focus & passion lies in the legal landscape, or more appropriately – airways, concerning drones. His mission is to guide clients through the red-tape & regulatory risk associated with integrating & utilising drones in their operations so as to ultimately increase their productivity & profitability. Tom's background has mainly been in commercial law, disputes & litigation. Whether representing the interests of a foreign government in Australian trade marks, settling defamation proceedings against a major television broadcaster, or acting against one of the big car manufacturers in an alleged contempt of court proceedings, Tom's experience means you are in good hands should you find yourself in any kind of dispute. However, this is only if the first avenue is not possible: to avoid a dispute in the first place by negotiating a commercially sensible resolution without escalation to the Courts.

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