Orqa NDAA autopilots and speed controllers

Orqa NDAA autopilots and speed controllers

We are introducing our NDAA-compliant FPV drone component stack. This comprehensive solution for FPV systems features NDAA-compliant components, trusted by elite operators in the US and Europe.

All Orqa products are developed and manufactured in the EU, ensuring high quality and compliance with Western standards.

– FC3030 Pro Flight Controller
– ESC3030 Electronic Speed Controller
– IRONGhost Dual Sub Hybrid control receiver and analog video transmitter device

Unlike similar offerings, the FC requires no soldering, and uses reliable, lockable JST-GH connectors for connections to other parts of the drone.

Mounting Options

The FC ships with soft silicone rubber ‘gummies’ that should be used to mount the FC onto the ‘stack’. 

These gummies not only reduce sensor noise caused by props, but also play an important role in protecting the delicate sensors from extreme shock. 

If the FC is mounted atop the Orqa 3030 ESC, it is recommended to hard-mount the ESC on the supplied mounting hardware, and mount the FC on top of it using the gummies. 

Voltage and Current Sensor

Betaflight, and all other flight controller firmware platforms require calibration of the battery voltage, and current sensors.

These values depend primarily on the ESC used. If the Orqa 3030 ESC is used, the default values programmed will be correct. 

If a different ESC is used, there are several online guides explaining how to calibrate voltage, and current. 


F405 3030 FC


  • STM32F405 processor
  • Betaflight, iNav, Ardupilot and PX4 support
  • Two camera inputs, switchable under R/C Control
  • Single sided layout (30x30mm hole centers)
  • Locking JST-GH connectors
  • USB-C connector
  • Three IMU options (Including MPU-6000, and BMI270)
  • Standard OSD
  • Twin 2A switching regulators (5V and 10V)
  • 16MByte serial flash memory
  • 4 or 8 Motor Outputs
  • SIK radio interface
  • Payload connector, with GHST passthrough, UART, and GPIOs
  • GPS/Magnetometer connector
  • Onboard barometric altimeter
  • Onboard beeper
  • NDAA compliant, designed and manufactured in the EU

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