Flight Logging & Import with Aloft: What’s Next After DJI Sync

Flight Logging & Import with Aloft: What’s Next After DJI Sync

Jon Hegranes – Aloft CEO

DJI has announced that it will end its flight sync capabilities on June 12th. With Aloft’s automated DJI flight import capabilities with live telemetry playback, we are working with our customers to ensure that all historical logs are synced to the encrypted Aloft Air Control platform. Going forward, we will continue to support multiple ways to log flights and track your flight for any and every drone that you fly.

Since our founding nearly 10 years ago, Aloft has been drone agnostic. We have built team, fleet, and airspace management tools to enable our users and customers to access the sky with whatever makes/models you need to do the job. Along the way, we’ve built tools to help create, automate, and detail flight logs. The result has been millions of flight logs in the Aloft system from dozens of drone manufacturers.

As this industry continues to evolve, this time with the removal of DJI’s flight sync for U.S. users, Aloft has compiled detailed documentation to enable you to make sure that you have every flight synced with the Air Control platform before the June 12th cutoff. See this link for more information:


If you have any questions, please contact support@aloft.ai or your direct customer contact. Our team is ready to help with any questions and support you to ensure that all of your data is transferred and secure.

Over the next few days, our focus will be on getting every historical flight log synced and imported so that you have a complete record of your flights – all with live telemetry and second-by-second playback (see https://www.aloft.ai/blog/aloft-launches-live-flight-telemetry-playback/).

At the same time, we’re working on new ways to support DJI aircraft to remove the friction of logging flights without DJI’s flight sync. Look for updates from your customer representatives, but similar to what we’ve recently announced with integrations like with Skydio (https://www.aloft.ai/blog/aloft-integrates-with-skydio-to-launch-live-utm-telemetry-revolutionizing-drone-airspace-management/ ), we’re continuing to work with manufacturers to not only unlock seamless flight logs, but at the same time enabling live UTM integrations for BVLOS and advanced operations.

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