DJI Ban: Boon or Bane for the Drone Industry?

DJI Ban: Boon or Bane for the Drone Industry?

Blue, Green and NDAA phrases that will be searched mercilessly tomorrow, June 12th 2024 if H.R. 2864, the “Countering CCP Drones Act.” Introduced by Representatives Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and Mike Gallagher (R-WI), is passed by Congress.

DJI has been active in lobbying against this act, urging supporters to contact their representatives and express opposition to the bill. They argue that the act would stifle competition and innovation in the drone industry. As part of their response to the proposed legislation, DJI plans to modify some of the data-sharing capabilities of their drones, which have been a point of contention

DJI have been very wise to seed law enforcement, fire and rescue with free equipment, they have in some ways been like the dealer at the school gate. A little bit of free product to get you addicted.

Commercial operators should have been keeping a closer eye on developments in Congress. The wise ones will have started to try US made brands and there are plenty of NDAA ones, just click above on Blue sUAS.

They could also have had a crack at making something of their own.

There are many companies that do that will have been scoffed at by DJI fans, but if you only need a small fleet its not so crazy.

You can also use an NDAA / Blue Autopilot like the Cube Orange and run Ardupilot and future proof your system whilst being able to do everything DJI can. Cubes are used in 6 out of the 11 approved Blue systems.

For a first system I would start here yes its a Chinese frame but you can source motors, speed controllers and the radio from America.

I don’t think the act will pass, there will be wringing of hands tutting and shaking of heads but for now DJI will continue.

I would take it as a shot across the bow, the status quo cannot continue forever. Take control of your future commercial operators, wherever you are.

It is also important to remember that he market we are talking about, multirotors for inspection and survey is only a small part of the overall RPAS world. Fixed wing SLT platforms are coming to do bigger jobs. I know one that did 5000 hectares just yesterday.

Gary Mortimer

Founder and Editor of sUAS News | Gary Mortimer has been a commercial balloon pilot for 25 years and also flies full-size helicopters. Prior to that, he made tea and coffee in air traffic control towers across the UK as a member of the Royal Air Force.