DJI Ban – Back to the future DIYDrones

DJI Ban – Back to the future DIYDrones

The clock is ticking as the NDAA, now incorporating HR 2864, is set for a vote today. The exact wording and full scope of the changes remain unknown, but this presents a critical moment for those seeking to understand upcoming drone policy landscape.

I see a great Renaissance in the small drone building company community, their market is getting much larger for NDAA compliant machines.

I was chatting with Mark Townsend of Louisiana Helicam and last night and he agreed

“I’d like to see more mom/pop/boutique drone shops. Akin to a custom luthier/guitar shop. Not everything needs to be rigged for the masses”.

Sadly the storm has already broken that will wash away those new companies.

The AUVSI Green UAS scheme with its high compliance testing fees will make it impossible for mom and pop to start up. But that’s only if the industry accepts it.

AUVSI may be the trade group that killed its ex board member in the USA (DJI) and kicked American drone innovation further down the road.

All hail greed.

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Gary Mortimer

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