AirData UAV Offers Solutions for DJI’s Cloud Sync Changes

AirData UAV Offers Solutions for DJI’s Cloud Sync Changes

AirData UAV, a global leader in drone flight data analytics, is committed to the continued support of seamless flight tracking for pilots and fleet managers who use DJI products and are looking for alternatives to DJI’s cloud sync. AirData’s ecosystem is easily integrated into existing workflows and provides proven and mature syncing methods outside of the DJI cloud.

DJI has announced that it would disable the “Sync Flight Data” feature to the DJI cloud in its flight apps in June and July of 2024. While some pilots rely on this feature for the tracking of flight activity, the AirData platform offers an array of alternative sync options that are quickly integrated into existing workflows. This is easily done using the AirData UAV mobile app, which automates the uploads directly to AirData.

“AirData’s automatic sync capabilities are designed to provide users with options,” said AirData CEO Eran Steiner. “While the DJI cloud sync goes away for US based pilots, AirData has a unique ability to replace the DJI cloud by syncing DJI flight logs directly from the local device to the AirData cloud. We are working to provide support for those who need help in this transition, please reach out to us to learn more.”

The company recently published a detailed blog post explaining the different technical solutions customers can take to replace their use of the DJI cloud. AirData is continuing to create solutions for its users as these rapid changes emerge.

About AirData
AirData is the largest online drone fleet data management and real-time flight streaming platform, serving over 300,000 users with 40 million flights uploaded to date, processing an average of 25,000 flights a day, with high-resolution data stored per each flight. It is used by large fleet operators around the world as a comprehensive flight safety data analysis and crash prevention platform, with advanced maintenance, mission planning, pilot tracking, and easy-to-use live streaming.

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