Nuno Marques joins Firestorm

Nuno Marques joins Firestorm

Firestorm is thrilled to announce our new team member, Nuno Marques! Nuno brings a comprehensive background that spans the academic, military, and private sectors and is deeply entrenched in the fields of aerospace, electronics, and software engineering.

His journey began in the Portuguese Army, where he honed his military skills and ignited a passion for drones and robotics, leading to his obtaining an MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Military Academy. His academic pursuits and achievements were followed by hands-on experience in open-source drones and robotics, particularly with Pixhawk, MAVLink, QGC, PX4, and ROS.

Drawing on his military background as a foundational pillar, Nuno has leveraged his leadership, discipline, and strategic insights into the private sector. His professional journey is marked by a steadfast dedication to the UAS industry, underscored by his significant contributions to the PX4 autopilot ecosystem and autonomous systems software engineering. His work at Auterion stands out, where he wore multiple hats – from software engineer to technical manager – including coordinating the development of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems-Air (RAS-A) MAVLink Control Link Interoperability Profile (IOP), showcasing his capabilities in managing complex projects that span across commercial, enterprise, and defense use cases. Furthermore, his experience extends to substantial engagements with the defense sector and the US Government.

Throughout his career, Nuno has also thrived as a robotics freelance consultant and developer, providing his expertise on a wide array of projects. His tenure at Auterion, combined with his freelance experience and deep involvement in the development of UAS products, open-source robotics, and software solutions to commercial, industry, and defense entities, has positioned him as an industry leader, building extensive technical expertise and acquiring the qualities necessary to drive innovation in the ever-evolving field of robotics and autonomous systems.

Welcome to the team, Nuno!