Let Us Fly For You!

Let Us Fly For You!

Validate the assumptions. Galaxy Unmanned Systems is airborne and ready to fly your payloads
on one of the safest systems for long-endurance airborne testing. We can fly low altitudes up to
the edge of space and anywhere in between. We can fly components or complete systems, from
communications packages to ISR, commercial space components, and drone swarm video clips
from motherships! This is an opportunity for your company to rent space on one of the Galaxy
Unmanned Systems PAL (Persistent Airborne Laboratory) airship testbeds. 

Our long history of firsts included integrating and flying various technologies and systems for
both commercial and military applications. Those applications include but are not limited to ISR,
communications packages, and other varied data-gathering experiments on our family of Lighter
Than Air (LTA) platforms. Fixed-wing and rotary-wing platforms and custom solutions are also
available for your system testing needs.

Rest assured, your payload is in the hands of our highly experienced GUS personnel. With a
proven track record of integrating and flying payloads, they have served as principal
investigators for AFWERX, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Army SMDC Battle Lab. Their
expertise and commitment to excellence are unmatched, ensuring the highest quality of service
for your testing needs. 

Benefits of this program include:

  • Higher payload weight limits
  • Dispersed payload locations
  • Longer flight times, days, not minutes
  • Lower flight hour overhead.
  • Remote testing
  • No airframe capital outlay costs
  • Flight profile data collection
  • In-house test management
  • Our crew can travel to you
    Companies that provide services, sensors, and other components can bypass engineering a drone
    solution and focus resources on the core technologies. Our long-standing industry reputation
    means there is no need to be concerned about industrial espionage and or overseas data
    collection, as Galaxy Unmanned Systems LLC was all Red, White, and Blue before it was
    considered a requirement. 

Contact us for a capabilities brief and mission cost estimate or to reserve your spot on the flight
test calendar.