INVOLI and ANSART Unite to Revolutionize Local and Regional Airspace Management

INVOLI and ANSART Unite to Revolutionize Local and Regional Airspace Management

Lausanne, Switzerland – April, 18th, 2024 – Amidst the transformative shift in the aviation industry towards performance-based systems, INVOLI, a pioneer in ADS-B ground station technology and aviation surveillance data services, proudly announces a strategic partnership with ANSART, a leading software innovator in the air traffic management solutions. 

This collaboration is set to disrupt the status quo in regional and local air operations development, by making advanced traffic management systems and ADS-B surveillance systems accessible to regional and small airports, as well as aerodromes who have been sidelined due to financial constraints.

While the market has been challenging for new entrants, INVOLI has consistently demonstrated high-performance levels in crucial sectors such as ADLS (Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems) and BVLOS drone operations, which demand the highest reliability for safety compliance. Based on the constant feedback sought from civil aviation authorities and ANSPs, INVOLI solutions are crafted to meet the evolving needs of performance-based regulation.

The partnership with ANSART is a leap forward in our commitment to democratize traffic management and surveillance systems for small and medium size airports.

The joint offer of INVOLI and ANSART includes:

  1. ATM Applications: Tailored for aerodromes to play a local ANSP role, offering AFIS and enhancing local air traffic coordination.
  2. Airport Traffic Monitoring System with Ground Safety Nets: A leap in apron management and operational safety, this system provides critical safety-nets for bustling airport environments.
  3. Airport Drivers Navigation and Alert System: Designed to optimize the efficiency and safety of ground operations, this system is especially invaluable in low visibility conditions, ensuring the seamless movement of vehicles.
  4. Traffic Information Service: To enable the development of new air operations and embrace the new business opportunities that green aviation, urban air mobility and drones offer. 

Our united vision goes beyond the immediate. We aim to leverage our surveillance data to propel the digitalisation and automation of airport operations into a new era. From operations tracking to noise abatement, our systems are poised to offer unprecedented capabilities in pavement and parking utilization, among other advanced services.

INVOLI’s CEO, Manu Lubrano, states, “This partnership is not merely a business venture; it’s a game-changer for regional aviation. With ANSART, we are bringing our proven surveillance capabilities to a market that has been waiting for a solution like ours – one that balances affordability with the high performance that modern airports require.”

ANSART’s CEO, Serge M, adds, “The integration of our software with INVOLI’s robust surveillance data services marks the beginning of a new chapter in airport operations. We’re not just providing technology; we’re enabling transformation across the board for small and regional airports.”

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ANSART, a prominent player in Air Traffic Management (ATM) solutions, has evolved significantly since its establishment in 2009. Originally founded as an outsourcing company, ANSART has transformed into a dynamic organization focusing on delivering tailored automation systems and software for ATM. With an international team of CNS/ATM experts, software developers, and entrepreneurs, ANSART has become synonymous with customer-oriented solutions, agility, and a comprehensive product portfolio.

Adhering to ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications, ANSART meticulously develops its products and delivers exceptional services, ensuring the highest standards of quality and information security.

ANSART stands out as a solutions provider, going beyond traditional products by crafting customized solutions that address the specific needs of Air Navigation Service Providers, Airport Operators, and ATCO Training Organizations.

The company’s product portfolio encompasses a diverse array of solutions, including Air Traffic Control automation, Airport Traffic Monitoring Systems, ATIS/D-ATIS, Air Traffic Controllers’ personnel management, and more.

ANSART’s commitment to flexibility and client responsiveness is reflected in different solution delivery and pricing models including the “try before buy”; option that allows you to explore the offerings, ensuring you make an informed decision tailored to your needs.

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