Bringing Data to Life One Point at a Time

Bringing Data to Life One Point at a Time

The release of the Trimble® SiteVision® augmented reality software version 5 supports handheld LiDAR scanning capabilities when using a LiDAR-equipped iPhone Pro or an iPad Pro device combined with a Trimble Catalyst™ DA2 GNSS receiver.

Capture photorealistic, georeferenced 3D scans, such as open trenches, to document buried services or recording existing conditions.

Expand your capabilities with this fast and easy-to-use reality capture solution for those occasions when it might be too time-consuming to send up a drone or set up a terrestrial scanner.

Supplement data captured by traditional scanning. Fill in blind spots caused by terrain or equipment that may have been obscured. Or, provide coverage in areas inaccessible to drones.

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