Drone Feature That Allows Maximum Awareness For Big Events

Drone Feature That Allows Maximum Awareness For Big Events

Volarious Tethered Drone System Feature, Sentry Mode.

Volarious, presents Sentry Mode, drone monitoring feature designed to empower Public Safety Officers with extra situational awareness. This revolutionary capability enables users to create and playback multiple livestream viewpoints from drones, offering an extended and continuous surveillance experience from various angles and zoom levels.

In response to the observed challenges faced by officers during large scale events, such as the repetitive cycling between viewpoints over extended periods, our innovative solution seeks to address these real-life problems. Recognizing that this practice hinders officers from fully concentrating on live event feeds, we have developed an automated system to alleviate this laborious task.

By automating viewpoint adjustments, officers can now dedicate 100% of their attention to event footage, enabling swift responses to any incidents. Sentry Mode addresses this limitation by capturing and looping multiple livestream viewpoints, ensuring officers have a comprehensive overview of the entire scene while focusing on analysing and deploying teams with clear objectives. Additionally, the ability to seamlessly return to precise viewpoints enhances officers’ situational awareness, giving a clearer understanding of the spread of crowds within the event area.

Sentry Mode provides continuous and stable perspective ensuring that every moment is captured flawlessly. It operates with single-pilot control, maximising efficiency and reducing resource requirements. When paired with our tethered system, Vline Pro, it provides unlimited flight time, providing extended monitoring capabilities without interruption. a complete and unlimited situational awareness solution for Public Safety Officers.

This feature grants officers the edge in managing large scale events. Officers can capture and loop views
of specific areas to gain insights into the overall situation enabling officers to make informed decisions promptly.

Volarious is committed to advancing public safety through its technology, and Sentry Mode stands as a testament to this commitment.

For more information about Volarious, please visit www.volarious.com

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