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YEET Aerospace Bristol hiring

YEET Aerospace was founded in 2022 to address the lack of speed, range, and endurance, of eVTOL and drone aircraft.

In its first year, YEET has prototyped and tested several iterations of it’s unique aircraft; the Plane-O-Copter. The performance and user feedback is very good, and we are now looking to productise and further develop the technology.


The positions we are looking to fill are:

Chief Product Officer: a designer and CAD wizard, or witch, responsible for the mechanical and aesthetic design of our aircraft. Must be organised, prolific, with knowledge of manufacturing methods, and a reasonable level of knowledge of drone hardware.

Chief Executive Officer: an individual with a consummate knowledge of start-up operations and a driving spirit, preferably with prior CEO experience and/or exits. Primarily responsible for managing a funding pipeline of grants, raises, and strategic business development.

Chief Operations Officer: a project manager, keeping track of both the technical and business development activities. Must be a dogsbody and take responsibility for a cornucopia of small tasks, and facilitate other team members to the highest degree.

Chief X Officer, self described one-man-armies (or one-woman armies), with a strong ability to fulfill multiple roles. Must be incredibly thirsty with an impeccable work ethic, and a blend of skills.


YEET raised £83,000 of grant funding in 2022/2023, and is pre-raise. These positions are nominally equity only. Our first raise is planned for Q1 2024.

YEET is ideally hoping to find die-hard co-founders; high-risk high-reward, happy to live-and-die on their own merit type people. The job is a lot of fun; we get to build, fly, and sell, our own drones, however it comes with the normal caveats of an early-stage start-up; stress, strife, and uncertainty. The future of the company looks bright; we have promising technology and an excellent team so far. We would like more human capital (‘man-power’) to accelerate progress, and are looking for exceptional people with the guts to get on board pre-raise, and with the staying-power to push the project forward over the next 2 years.

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