Is your community ready for the drone and air taxi revolution?

Is your community ready for the drone and air taxi revolution?

AAM4Gov, the AAM Academy for UK City and Local Governments has launched its first online courses to support UK local authorities in engaging with the drone/advanced air mobility industries to save lives, improve the delivery of council services and reduce carbon emissions while ensuring communities are protected from illegal and inconsiderate drone users. 

AAM4Gov, the AAM Academy for UK City and Local Governments, has announced the launch of the first courses on its learning platform focused on closing the skills gap among local authorities in developing new policies to optimize drone and future electric air taxi services, part of the new advanced air mobility (AAM) transport revolution. 

AAM4Gov is supported by the UK Research and Innova!on Future Flight Challenge, delivered by Innovate UK and the Economic and Social Research Council, having won funding from the “Future Flight: closing the skills gaps” competition. “While many councils have been using drones for years to reduce survey and maintenance costs and support first responders – such as fire services, police, and Coast Guard units – in saving lives, new technology developments are about to rapidly increase the number and capability of drones in the skies above us,” said Philip Bu5erworthHayes, editorial director of AAM4Gov. “The first electric air taxis will fly in Europe next year, while drones will soon be delivering defibrillators, medicines and pizzas to households throughout the UK. For councils, this is an opportunity and a challenge. 

Our remote learning courses have been designed to help local authorities more easily and quickly develop policies to optimize the benefits and reduce the risks.” The first three courses now available are: 

1. An Introduction to AAM & UAM 

2. Community Benefits of Drones and eVTOLs 

3. AAM Public Consultation – covering methods of engaging with local communities to ensure citizens’ needs are prioritized in any new service launch. 

Further courses scheduled for November are: 

4. AAM Drone Security – critical aspects of drone security and managing drone nuisance 

5. AAM and the Law 

6. AAM Policy Making – developing drone/AAM policies that attract new investment and business, while reducing costs and environmental footprints. 

Courses are designed to meet the needs of local authority senior decision-makers and those involved in policy-making, planning, first responders, estate management and surveying, transport, environment and social services. 

Interested? Register at and enrol to get full access to the ini!al courses which are available for free for a limited introductory period. 

UK and the Economic and Social Research Council, the program works with industry, academia, government, and regulators to transform how we connect people, transport goods, and deliver services in a sustainable way that provides socio-economic benefits using new types of air vehicles with novel technologies

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