Fully Dubai-made Drones to Revolutionize Security Monitoring in the Gulf Region

Fully Dubai-made Drones to Revolutionize Security Monitoring in the Gulf Region

Microavia is the first UAE-based drone company localizing the entire manufacturing cycle in Dubai. With its aerial security monitoring systems and geophysical exploration, the company aims to revolutionize security in the MENA region by boosting effectiveness for businesses and authorities. In less than two years, Microavia has taken off, establishing sales and production and cementing its position as a prime example of the region’s rapid technological advancement.

Microavia FZE was established in Dubai in 2022 and delivers drone-based solutions for security, monitoring, mining, and surveying. The assembly, design, testing, quality assurance, software and firmware programming all take place in the company’s facilities in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Microavia also creates payloads such as video and photo cameras and has a team working on AI and computer vision. 

“Dubai sets the technological development trends, and we see the growing demand for our products. Also, Dubai and the entire GCC region are diverse and talented – these areas have been a magnet for professionals worldwide for years. Our team of 70 now has 18 different nationalities represented. Dubai authorities and their focus on bringing innovative startups to the country have been of great importance to us notes Stan Savin, Regional Sales Director.

The company’s drones can run automated monitoring missions, reducing the need for manpower and keeping humans safe in extreme desert and high-temperature conditions. Microavia is a leader in the region, leveraging BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) design to give businesses the unique opportunity to remotely control sensitive operations like security, surveying and rapid response from the convenience of an office. Its security monitoring system also allows creation of a drone station network for round-the-clock life security monitoring. 

Connected in a scenario- and schedule-driven network of stations, the Microavia system enables autonomous area monitoring with manual takeover where appropriate and AI-enabled scenario triggering. Another important aspect is the drone infrastructure management solution, which enables planning and execution of scheduled or manual missions. 

Microavia’s drones are designed for minimum maintenance and maximum operation. The drone docks are oil-free, element-resistant, and equipped with a battery-swapping mechanism and four spare batteries, drastically reducing downtime. Drones can land for a battery change and return to flight in less than two minutes, compared to swapping and especially charging time which is way faster than the charging times offered by competitors. Saving so much time can be the difference between success and failure of critical missions like search and rescue or 24/7 monitoring. 

Microavia is currently focused on the GCC and SEA regions but also delivers international projects, including those in India, Kazakhstan and Andorra. The manufacturer is certified for various markets to assist customers and partners in using products, including pilot licenses, operator licenses and flight security clearances. Microavia is also registered in GACA to operate in Saudi Arabia. 

Recently, Dubai authorities announced plans to establish a drone network around the emirate to support the aviation sector. The UAE drone market is expected to grow by 7.6% in 2024, while the annual growth rate in the entire MENA region is about 8.1% for that sector. 

About Microavia

Microavia is a leading manufacturer of UAVs and an R&D center for drones with HQ and production facilities located in Dubai, the UAE. Microavia initiated its drone manufacturing operations in Dubai in 2022, with initial shipments going out that same year. The company’s early clientele consisted of a national park and a geophysical exploration firm. Currently, Microavia caters to a diverse range of sectors, with a primary focus on mineral surveying and security monitoring.

Microavia offers two specialized drone lines tailored to meet diverse mission requirements:

  1. Drone Stations: Ideal for a range of monitoring, surveying, and analytics tasks.
  2. Medium Drones: Capable of carrying up to 12kg, typically used for geophysical sensing in mineral exploration.

Microavia actively developing new models, including heavy-duty drones designed for law enforcement and border security applications.

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