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D-Fend Solutions’ New EnforceAir C-UAS Software Version Provides Expanded Drone Coverage, Reporting and Analytics, and Enriched Remote ID and Sapient Standard Support

D-Fend Solutions, the leader in radio frequency (RF)-based, cyber non-kinetic, non-jamming counter-drone takeover technology, announced today the release of Version 23.08 of its EnforceAir software. With this release, D-Fend continues its industry-leading practice of supplying frequent updates to its system to ensure that users have the most comprehensive drone threat coverage and advanced capabilities, staying current with constantly changing developments in drone markets and technologies.

EnforceAir Version 23.08 provides an extensive upgrade to the technology’s cyber detection and mitigation methods, deepens its data analytics, and enhances the user experience.

Expanded Core Drone Coverage and Capabilities

  • New detection, identification, and mitigation capabilities for over 25 drones from leading drone manufacturers.
  • Unique coverage for certain drones currently experiencing major market growth, with long-range detection performance and near-zero false alarm abilities for tracking these drones.

Reporting and Analysis Expansion

  • New Drone Activity Overview reports with expanded analytics capabilities for detected and mitigated drone activity.
  • Additional sources and formats for map types, including MBTiles format for offline maps to support larger area displays with richer display attributes.
  • MapTiler server support for online map access, enabling users to connect to existing mapping services.

User Experience Enhancements

  • Improved user experience and user interface design across multiple functions.
  • Major upgrade for detailed drone information display.

Upgraded support for Industry and Regulatory Standards

  • Expanded Remote ID support multiple new drones and Remote ID modules.
  • New SAPIENT mitigation capabilities.

“This update marks significant further advancement in our industry and RF-cyber technology category leadership,” says Yaniv Benbenisti, D-Fend Solutions’ President and Chief Product Officer. “This extends our lead in drone threat neutralization and reinforces our differentiation by delivering unparalleled capabilities in identifying, capturing, and redirecting potentially hostile drones.”

About D-Fend Solutions

D-Fend Solutions is the leading provider of counter-drone, cyber-takeover technology, enabling full control, safety, and continuity during rogue drone incidents across complex and sensitive environments. D-Fend Solutions overcomes both current and emerging drone threats with hundreds of deployments worldwide. EnforceAir, the company’s flagship offering, focuses on the most dangerous drone threats in the military, public safety, airports, prisons, major events, and critical infrastructure environments. D-Fend Solutions’ technology has been chosen as best-in-class and is deployed at top-tier U.S. government agencies, including the U.S. military, federal law enforcement, and homeland security, as well as major international airports globally. EnforceAir autonomously executes RF cyber-takeovers of rogue drones for safe landings and outcomes, ensuring the smooth flow of communications, commerce, transportation, and everyday life.

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