Aloft Wins $500k Investment at the GENIUS NY Drone Accelerator Pitch Competition

Aloft Wins $500k Investment at the GENIUS NY Drone Accelerator Pitch Competition

SYRACUSE, NY – Aloft, the leading provider of fleet management, live streaming and airspace authorizations, has won a $500,000 investment from the world’s most prestigious drone accelerator, GENIUS NY. While competing against other industry-leading teams such as Green Jets and Blue Flite, this investment continues to show Aloft’s unique full stack approach to drone operations management resonates with enterprise customers and investors alike.

Aloft’s Founder, Joshua Ziering, delivered a 5-minute pitch before an audience of over 300 attendees, including venture capitalists, renowned drone companies, and representatives from Federal, state and local government. Ziering’s presentation focused on the continued traction of Aloft’s cutting-edge fleet management and airspace management product, Air Control.

“Securing this win at GENIUS NY is not just a testament to the innovation and hard work of the Aloft team but also underlines the promise and potential of our growing partnerships in the State of New York,” said Joshua Ziering. “With the support and visibility that comes with this investment, we’re poised to continue growing Aloft at an even faster pace.”

The funding will significantly accelerate Aloft’s growth trajectory. With plans to expand their team in Syracuse, NY, the company is strategically positioning itself at the heart of a burgeoning drone ecosystem. Aloft’s recent relocation of its international headquarters to Syracuse speaks to the region’s unique offerings. The Syracuse area, complemented by the NUAIR test corridor, presents an unparalleled opportunity, fostering a community of drone enterprises that’s unparalleled anywhere in the world.

“As we expand our footprint in Syracuse, we’re not just investing in our company’s future, but also in the future of Syracuse as a global hub for drone innovation,” Ziering remarked.

About Aloft:

Aloft, formerly known as Kittyhawk, makes award-winning enterprise drone operations management software. With a suite of innovative products and services, Aloft’s technology has been used 10’s of millions of times, driving safer skies and smarter drone operations.

GENIUS NY is the pinnacle of drone-focused accelerator programs worldwide. It’s a $3 million/year business accelerator in Syracuse, NY focused on uncrewed aerial systems, robotics and big data startups. Each year, it showcases and supports the brightest talents and innovations in the drone industry, affirming its commitment to driving technological advancements and business growth in the Central New York.

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Joshua Ziering

Joshua is the Co-Founder and Chief Pilot of venture-backed Kittyhawk and a founding member of the Unmanned Aviation Safety Team. Josh is an FAA Part 107 certificate holder and has been flying all manner unmanned aircraft for 15 years. He has piloted everything from a 15 foot Taco Bell Chalupa Blimp to 40 pound 150cc aerobatic aircraft. As an accomplished flyer, Josh has flown professionally for the NHL, ABC Television and various manned-aviation airshows. Josh is a self-taught programmer and entrepreneur. After studying Poetry at Arizona State University, he started and sold several successful businesses. Josh writes regularly for DroneBlog, Drones360, Unmanned Aerial, sUAS News and is oft quoted in publications such as Aviation Today, CNN, Fast Company, Reuters, Rotor & Wing International, sUAS News and Vice. Josh eagerly shares his love of aviation and often-polarizing opinions on where it’s headed at industry conferences including Drone World Expo, Georgia Drone Summit, Public Safety Drone Expo and Xponential.