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Vostok Scalpel loitering munition

Not just content with copying the Lancet loitering weapon, Russian company Vostok has nicked One Way Aerospace drone name, Scalpel.

Russian-language TASS News Agency reports-

“Flight tests of the multi-purpose disposable platform ‘Scalpel’ are underway. In the future, it is planned that units of the Russian Army will use the platform in special operations as loitering ammunition. In October, the finished product will be provided for use in the Northern Military District zone,”

Single-use, multi-purpose platform 

A type of unmanned aerial vehicle with a warhead that is capable of staying in the air in the target area for a long time in standby mode and quickly attacking it after receiving the appropriate command from the operator or performing tasks provided for by the underlying algorithm.
Flight range 40 km
Payload weight 5 kg
Cruising speed 120 km/h

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