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Introducing Open Air Bristol on the 28th September

Join us at the Open Air Launch Event in Bristol! We’re on a mission to revolutionize the world of drone infrastructure in urban environments. Our goal is to make drone usage low-cost, accessible, and safe while eliminating the headaches associated with regulations, insurance, and complex risk assessments.

At Open Air, we’re introducing a groundbreaking approach that leverages automated drone stations to provide seamless and efficient drone infrastructure. Our aim is to reduce costs, enhance safety, and make drone usage more convenient and affordable than ever before. Through technology, we’re simplifying access to high-quality drone infrastructure, helping you achieve your goals faster and with greater ease.

Why Attend?

Join us on September 28th to learn more about how Open Air is transforming the landscape of drone infrastructure. Be a part of this exciting launch event as we introduce a new era of accessibility and efficiency.

Discover how Open Air’s automated drone stations can enable your business to endlessly leverage drones for effective mapping, surveillance, and much more.

Refreshments and canopies will be served for your enjoyment.

Secure your spot now and be ready to witness the future of drone infrastructure with Open Air!

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