Here comes DJI’s Christmas drone the Mini 4 Pro

Here comes DJI’s Christmas drone the Mini 4 Pro

Igor Bogdanov @Quadro_News has box images and prices and the FCC have a filing. The other great leaker @JasperEllens has a great photo of the label and on it, we can clearly see that the Mini 4 Pro has standard remote ID (RID) a must for this Christmas!

ASTM F4311-22a-RID-B

Word on the street is it will be released this Friday, 15th September 2023. It will no doubt be a very tidy capable sub 250g machine. Waypoint flights might be handy for mapping types and that’s on the side of the box. Let’s wait and see what that means.

I struggle to get excited about new DJI drones now, they all are really great and only improve in little chunks. That RID bit is important in the USA.

DJI MINI 4 PRO box specs
Ultra-Light & Foldable

Less Than 249 g

Omnidirectional Active Obstacle Sensing
Intelligent Features: FocusTrack | Waypoint Flight | Hyperlapse 4K100fps | HDR Video | 48MP Photo |

True Vertical Shooting

34-Min Flight Time
Flagship 20km FHD Video Transmission

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