Fixar – Meet the new Real-time Surface Follow function

FIXAR team is proud to share the latest product update: the Real-time Surface Follow function, now available with FIXAR 007 and Autopilot 2.0.

The Challenge: Imprecise Mission Planning Data

One of the biggest challenges every drone operator faces is the limited accuracy of satellite maps in mission planning software, which often ignore crucial landmarks like trees, buildings, infrastructure, and other obstacles endangering low above-ground level (AGL) flights.

Those risks are particularly problematic for missions in urban areas, mountainous terrain, during expensive LiDAR laser scanning, and flying above people.

 The FIXAR Solution: Real-time Surface Follow

Our innovative Real-time Surface Follow function fills those visibility gaps. It automatically activates terrain monitoring at altitudes as low as 50 meters AGL, insuring avoidance of unmapped obstacles during drone flights.

Real-time Surface Follow function in the field on Youtube

Key Benefits

The introduction of Real-time Surface Follow function assures drone operators:

Enhanced safety from no longer having to depend on unreliable satellite maps
Simplified navigation from height calculations being integrated into all stages of the flight
Automatic altitude adaptability providing precise, performance and safe completion of all types of missions

How it works
When the drone approaches an obstacle, it prioritizes safety over descent by automatically increasing altitude and averting the obstruction. The feature meanwhile triggers a warning in the xGroundControl software interface, alerting users to the proximity of ground hazards.

Book an online consultation with FIXAR demo engineers to learn more and explore flight logs of UAVs equipped with the new Real-time Surface Follow capability.

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