Original polish PROJECT! This plane is equipped with a vertical takeoff and landing system (VTOL). It is made of composite materials and is powered only by electric motors.

The takeoff and landing procedure is performed using four reliable vertical takeoff engines. After reaching the transition height, the front motor is started. This motor allows the plane to stay in the air for up to 240 minutes.

Plug&Play system, vertical takeoff and landing make flight preparation and operation surprisingly simple and convenient.

Developed with passion – built with experience

We care about the safety and quality of our machines, which is why we tested individual parts of the unmanned aerial vehicle in laboratory conditions. Thanks to strength tests we can check in practice what maximum loads our structure can withstand. Does it agree with our calculations?

Appropriate arrangement of fibres, proper annealing of our components and many other parameters can increase load resistance by more than 200%.

Proven and reliable electronics

We have performed electromagnetic compatibility tests of our aircraft. We have checked the system’s resistance against external disturbances and the emission of high-intensity electromagnetic waves on undesirable frequencies – the emissivity of the aircraft is within norm, it does not interfere with any devices installed in the airplane. We also identified which antennas give us the greatest range and we also investigated the most advantageous place of their installation.

The test were carried out in accordance with the RED Directive: 2014/53/EU and the EMC Directive: 2014/30/EU.

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