AirSentinel Joins Forces with DRONERESPONDERS to provide Remote Identification of DronesService to Public Safety

AirSentinel Joins Forces with DRONERESPONDERS to provide Remote Identification of DronesService to Public Safety

AirSentinel, an industry-leading firm specializing in remote identification technology, has formally entered into a strategic collaboration with DRONERESPONDERS, a globally recognized program dedicated to promoting the use of small, uncrewed aircraft systems (sUAS) within public safety and emergency response sectors.

This pioneering alliance will entail AirSentinel extending complimentary access to its public safety application for public safety agencies across the nation. The access includes both their proprietary Android drone detection application and cloud-based services. The integration of these services will provide first responders and public safety officials real-time access to vital remote identification data, thereby enhancing safety measures, ensuring compliance, and fostering shared situational awareness across their respective jurisdictions.

Alan Erickson, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AirSentinel, accentuated the critical importance of this partnership by stating, “At AirSentinel, we have consistently prioritized safety. By granting cost-free access to our suite of services, we are empowering those who operate drones in emergency response and mission-critical situations to heighten safety and situational awareness. This initiative transcends mere technological advancement; it is a concerted effort to materially enhance safety and positively influence lives.”

Chief Charles Werner (Ret.), Director of DRONERESPONDERS, stated, “This collaboration with AirSentinel to provide a no-cost remote identification tool is an exciting development. It will significantly contribute to safety measures by enabling public safety agencies to detect remote ID-compliant drones and disseminate this crucial information through cloud technology.”


DRONERESPONDERS is the leading and largest non-profit public safety program under the umbrella of AIRT. DRONERESPONDERS is focused on advancing public safety UAS by supporting the adoption of small, uncrewed aircraft systems (sUAS) for public safety and emergency response organizations. 

About AirSentinel:

As a cutting-edge technology corporation, AirSentinel specializes in patented drone detection
and airspace security methodologies. With a firm commitment to innovation, AirSentinel strives
to make drone security both accessible and efficient, thereby contributing to the safety of skies
in communities worldwide.

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