A-techSYN win awarded UK flight approval

A-techSYN win awarded UK flight approval

A-techSYN have been successful in obtaining flight permission from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate their CGT50 VTOL UAV (MTOW 60Kg) in UK airspace.

Adnan Cetinkaya fo A-techSYN commented on the decision today, “This is a significant milestone, and it sets the stage for a busy and productive period in the upcoming months as we are engaged in various UAV-related activities and projects.”

The CGT50-VTOL is a 4,71 m wingspan T-Tail UAV. It uses electric powered motors for takeoff and landing and does not require a runway or catapult. It is a composite airframe with 5 kg payload capacity, powered by a petrol engine. The low fuel consumption enables a safe endurance of 6 hours.
The CGT50-VTOL can takeoff from a table and land on a 5×5 m surface with high accuracy.

The UAV has a 55 kg MTOW (including payload). It can be operated by just two people. Using A-techSYN’s AvionicsMini Flight Control System, flight missions are carried out fully autonomous!